Welcome to the laboratory for soft tissue biomechanics at The University of Akron.  Our lab conducts studies to understand how mechanical loading and structural properties at different scales (i.e. organ, tissue, extracellular matrix, and cellular/sub-cellular levels) affect the normal responses of soft tissues. We aim to determine how deviating from such native states may induce pathophysiological responses. Our group has been extending the scope of experimental techniques to quantify mechanical and microstructural properties of soft tissues. We have also been developing multi-scale computational models of tissue biomechanics and mechanobiology based on the experimentally quantified responses at the cellular, extracellular matrix, and tissue levels.

Our lab is located in the 3rd floor of Olson Research Center, room  322 see our Contact Us for more details.
See a more detailed description of projects our lab is engaged in our Current Research page.